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Legoly provides Sales Intelligence As A Service, which companies use to automate and accelerate their sales. Our customers enjoy higher conversion rates, better qualified leads and lower costs-of-sale.

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Our Values

Win-win is the heart of the Legoly philosophy. We believe that technology can help both you and your prospects find that win-win every time. And we believe in applying the win-win outlook internally here at Legoly, too. Happy company, happy customers, happy prospects.


Chat Salesbot

Perfect for consumer-oriented companies, our Chat Salesbot helps your customers find the right product quickly and convincingly.

Web Sales Assistant

Our Web Sales Assistant gives your website sensitivity to the particular concerns of each visitor - listening, nudging and persuading them as they move through their purchase exploration. Perfect for B2B and high-ticket consumer products, where the sale is complex and each prospect has unique requirements.

Team Sales Manager

The Team Sales Manager brings world-class sales practices to bear across an entire team of sales reps, so that each can perform at superstar levels.

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Chat Salesbot

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Web Sales Assistant

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Team Sales Manager

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